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Get An Ever-Ready Pool Of Buyers & Listings In Your City

Our intelligent machine learning algorithms search through our extensive pool of proprietary data points and discover lookalike audiences that can be potential hot leads for your business.

Consistent Flow Of Leads + AutomateLeads CRM = 5X ROI

Get the leads delivered directly into the lead funnel of AI-Driven CRM and leverage the robust automated lead nurturing function to increase the chances of converting prospects into paying customers.

A Full-Stack Solution For Real Estate Lead Generation & Sales Automation

We proficiently generate sales-ready leads from the targeted geography and our industry-specific CRM helps you notch up 50 % more closures.

I am an Agent
  • Multi-source lead pile-up
  • Schedulable To-Do List
  • Insightful Reporting
I am a Builder
  • Multi-hierarchy User Handling
  • Instant Alerts & Notification
  • Reporting & Analysis
I am an Owner
  • Easy Listing
  • Smart AI Lead Allocation
  • Verified Leads

Machine Learned Auto Lead Assignment

Are you confused about which member in your workforce can do justice to the leads delivered into your CRM?

AutomateLeads CRM lets you ease up on this chaotic task. The embedded ML algorithms enable the system to automatically assigns the sales lead to the befitting person based on the custom rules

Outcome— Better conversion rates & boosted ROI

AutomateLeads CRM

Manages your leads using machined learned models and automates follow-up

Automated Lead Nurturing

We ensure that your investment in the lead generation process doesn’t dissipate as the leads pass through the sales funnel. Our vertical CRM AutomateLeads is supported by automated lead nurturing function. It allows you to effortlessly manage the communications and develop relations with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel.

AutomateLeads is the be-all and end-all for customer acquisition and an easy-to-use CRM that allows you to track every granular activity –from lead generation till closure. With prompt follow-ups and personalized emails, create 90 % more engagement than conventional methods.


Buyers can be fickle-minded at times. The initially appearing hot leads can procrastinate their buying decisions on an abrupt note. Our next-generation CRM helps you to maintain lead segmentation and zero in on buyers at hand through the customer-focused funnel. This empowers you to form an immediate and long-term engagement with the valued clientele. You can track and follow up on the passive cases later as well.

Indicators of Engagement

Eliminate the chance to lose out on any potential client. Keep the customers engaged using the suggested indicators of AutomateLeads CRM.

Utilize the diverse communication options available to keep the customer engrossed.


  • Connect with your customers with pre-set tasks and execute them on time for continual engagement
  • Proactively convey compelling information to your clients via Email, Text & SMS.
  • Manage leads on fingertips by synchronizing the tasks on AutomateLeads with Google Calendar on your phone and get reminders even when far-flung.
  • With AutomateLeads Mobile Application, on-field representatives get an insight into a Lead in real-time, empowers the person to take prompt action.
  • Rely on the flexibility of AutomateLeads to exercise tasks for a single Lead as well as for all the Leads concurrently.


  • Keep the scanner on each on-going activity.
  • Auto-check on every pre-set task and entailed output.
  • Track every development in the client engagement process.
  • Emphasize on the interested clients and take the communication a yard further.
  • Identify the dormant leads in the status list and devise new strategies.

Stay Organized

Prioritize, arrange and schedule the activities of projects by auto-synchronizing them with Google Calendar.

Cut down the redundant efforts—run customized search with the available filters and procure pool of pertinent lead information, at one go.

Marketing Automation

Worried about manual efforts to feed lead information into CRM?

We have got it covered for you as well. We deliver the complete enumeration of leads directly into your AI-driven CRM. Besides, you can utilize the embedded Webhooks of the CRM that automatically captures leads into the system from your direct marketing campaigns & landing pages. Now lifecycle marketing strategies are easy to implement with Automateleads and converting leads into customers has much higher chances than before

Smart Import/Export Utility

Don't let the format of a file be the hindrance in the workflow. AutomateLeads CRM comes with an integrated support of Universal Mapping feature that allows you to import/export any file with 100% accuracy in a hassle-free way.

Dashboard & Reporting

Get a comprehensive and intelligible Dashboard for quick analysis of lead funnel. Keep a scrupulous check on the actions of your workforce over leads.

Comprehensible performance indicators like charts and graphs that help to determine the best-performing lead closure specialists/sales person in your workforce.

Trusted by hundred's of brands in USA, India, Middle East, Canada and growing fast...

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